PASS (Pay-roll Accounting and Settlement System)

This project is carried out with the financial support of the European Union under the European Systems and Software Initiative (ESSI). EP Number 21223


Background Information
  Involved companies
   and their roles

Starting scenario

Expected business impact

Implementation of
 Process Improvement
  Technical environment
  Phases of the experiment
  Internal dissemination

Results and Analysis
  Skills Key Lessons
  Technological Point-of-View
  Business Point-of-View
  Strengths and weaknesses

Conclusions and future actions




BootCheck BootCheck Self Assessment Tool sponsored by ESI and Bootstrap Institute
BOOTSTRAP European Software Process Assessment and Improvement methodology developed by an ESPRIT project.
CASE Computer Aided Software Engineering
CEEC Central and Eastern European Countries
CMM Capability Maturity Model
ESI European Software Institute
ESSI European Systems & Software Initiative
EU European Union
ISCN International Software Consulting Network
ISO International Standards Organization
IT Information Technology
LBMS LBMS Process Engineer Tools developed by LBMS Inc.
OMFB Hungarian National Committee for Technological Development
OOP Object-Oriented Programming
PASS Pay-roll Accounting and Settlement System
PIE Process Improvement Experiment
QA Quality Assurance
QMU Quality Management Unit
SPU Software Producing Unit
SQA Software Quality Assurance
WWW World-Wide Web

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