PASS (Pay-roll Accounting and Settlement System)

This project is carried out with the financial support of the European Union under the European Systems and Software Initiative (ESSI). EP Number 21223


Background Information
  Involved companies
   and their roles

Starting scenario

Expected business impact

Implementation of
 Process Improvement
  Technical environment
  Phases of the experiment
  Internal dissemination

Results and Analysis
  Skills Key Lessons
  Technological Point-of-View
  Business Point-of-View
  Strengths and weaknesses

Conclusions and future actions



Conclusions & future actions

MemoLuX, with its partner and subcontractor, has achieved its main goals. It significantly improved the control of the development process, increased the maturity level, completed the ISO 9001 quality system documentation and made headway in running the quality system. The dissemination of the experiment contributes to the replicability of these results for other SMEs from the region which is not only a potential marketplace, but also a strong battlefield for competition.

Due to the shorter - one-month instead of a six-month - introduction period of the ISO 9001 Quality System, the certification was achieved half a year earlier than it had been expected. The publication of the ISO 9001 certification towards MemoLuX's clients met with their appreciation, and helped MemoLuX to utilize the advantage of having higher credibility in the eyes of Hungarian, EU and other customers to support them to achieve improved software maturity and increased level of compliance with ISO 9001 especially in fastly growing software development organizations. In 1998 MemoLuX was successful to cooperate in managing quality assurance of software development and maintenance with the Hungarian operations of the two biggest IT outsourcing companies of the world.

Future actions planned and designed in new projects being set up upon compilation of the PIE. These are the Process Improvement Project and the Quality Improvement Project based on the achieved results detailed in this article. Running the quality system helps us to control the development of our software and quality processes. New scenarios are planned to be defined and implemented into the process library as it has been successfully done with the four basic quality scenarios.

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