PASS (Pay-roll Accounting and Settlement System)

This project is carried out with the financial support of the European Union under the European Systems and Software Initiative (ESSI). EP Number 21223


Background Information
  Involved companies
   and their roles

Starting scenario

Expected business impact

Implementation of
 Process Improvement
  Technical environment
  Phases of the experiment
  Internal dissemination

Results and Analysis
  Skills Key Lessons
  Technological Point-of-View
  Business Point-of-View
  Strengths and weaknesses

Conclusions and future actions



Background Information

On March 16, 1995 The IT Program (Esprit) published its sixth call for proposals under the Fourth Framework Program. The changing policy of the European Commission brought the opportunity for CEEC participants to apply directly to the Commission with proposals and under the Process Improvement Experiments (PIE) Tasks MemoLuX produced an accepted proposal. The uniqueness of the situation came from the fact that it was the first time that a proposal was submitted with a non-EU Prime User and Co-ordinator. Nevertheless, the call allowed the formation of a consortium from one country only, which caused legal difficulties during the contracting period. The legal issue was solved by the involvement of ISCN as associated partner of the project and finally the contract came into force by the end of June 1997.

  • MemoLuX role as the prime user of the software development activities (Pay-roll Accounting and Settlement System chosen as baseline development project for process improvement)
  • Starting the practice from higher level of maturity model (CMM score was about 2.5)
  • Consulting work on quality issues is given by MTA SZTAKI as subcontractor of the project
  • Utilizing EU funds for investing in technology (LBMS Process Engineer Tools)
  • Implementation of measurement procedures in the project
  • Connection to EU dissemination activities by ISCN from the very beginning of the project
Figure 1
The new features of process improvement under the ESSI PIE project


Since MemoLuX Ltd. is steadily growing and is managing larger and larger and a greater number of projects, MemoLuX has to achieve better control of the software development process, a quantitative view of the production process, and higher credibility among Hungarian and EU customers through an improved BOOTSTRAP maturity profile and an increased level of compliance with ISO 9001. The aimed maturity level 3 is fairly high on the international scale. The progress is monitored according to a well planned quality measurement process and corresponding tasks are scheduled as separate workpackages.

Involved companies and their roles

MemoLuX Ltd. MemoLuX Ltd., a Hungarian private company with professional experience is a service provider in finance and public accountancy, management organization, software development and information system engineering.
The International Software Consulting Network
ISCN offers professional services in the fields of process analysis, process modelling, process and product measurement, and practical experience with the installation and performance of improvement projects.
Computer and Automation Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
MTA SZTAKI is the largest research institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Contract-based target research, development, training and expert support for domestic and foreign industrial, governmental and other partners have been key activities of MTA SZTAKI since its foundation (1972).

The participating organizations' roles:

MemoLuX Ltd co-ordinator/prime user
baseline project
improving the software development process
ISCN associated partner
requirements for control & measurement of results
preparing all results as best practice reports
project monitoring
dissemination of results for EU
MTA SZTAKI subcontractor
implementation of the measurement plan
BOOTSTRAP methodology

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