Three European knowledge portals have been configured to allow access to key knowledge underlying the offered professions. At the moment approx. 500 experience reports from industry and academia can be accessed via this. Also for about 300 European experience reports summaries are available in French, Spanish, in addition to the English version.








These three libraries joined a strategic collaboration in EQN (2005 - 2007) and will continue that successful bond in the EU Cert Campus project (2008 - 2010). Annually approx. 100 experience reports and knowledge items are added to the libraries. By the end of EU Cert Campus it is expected to have achieved approx. 800 experience reports and knowledge items for the EU industrial community. An important aspect of sustainability is that the two libraries are maintained by networks and industry associations which are grateful for EU support but have demonstrated to be active over more than a decade also without funding from the EU.